The 7th Bombardment Group

This group is known to be one of the older formations in the USAAC in 1941. This year is surely very familiar to everyone. During this year, the World War II is still on going. The bombers from this group chose to fly its B-17s out to the Philippines. There were many series of events that happened during this war. There was the Pearl Harbor attack and in 1942, the members of the 7th Bombardment group was scattered. This group also used to fly LB-30s and these ended in Karachi, Pakistan.

The group was divided each having their own task during the war. Some ended up at Malang, Java. Each part of the group also had a commander to lead them for the task given to them. The group led by Major Stanley K. Robinson flew operations against Japanese. Unfortuntely, Major Robinson was killed in action which led to the failure of the group’s defense. And because of this, the group led by him had no other choice but to evacuate going to Australia.

After this, the 7th bombardment group began to reform in India. There were medium bombers as well as heavy bombers used for operations during the war. Also, there were many group of bombardment squadrons at that time. Some operated different Mitchells. As some of the squadrons from the 7th bombardment group were scattered, they became out of action. Some of them was in the Middle East and others were found in China, and India. Brigadier-General Earl L. Naiden reorganized the scattered unit and it became more stable.