The Shocking Facts to Know about Military

Those who join in the military are known to be tough and brave. Surprisingly, it is not only men who are known to be fearless. In some countries, many women also join in the military. This fact may not be a surprise to some. Anyway, there are some of the most shocking facts that everyone should know about military. One of the shocking things about military is the Big Budget. The government spend a huge amount of money even billions of dollars on armed forces.

Every year, the country that spend the most for military purposes is the United States followed by China. The US government spend about 600 billion dollars while China spend up to 129 billion dollars. Those who join the military undergo Insane Training. Each country differs on the level of the training its soldiers. The Russian Special Forces undergo a shocking training wherein they actually shoot each other with hand-guns. Did you know that ships, planes, and tanks burn an incredible amount of gas? The United States is a Gas Guzzler. This is a nice agency to visit at. Check this info from here. This is so good and needed in our life.

The role of women in the military has expanded greatly. Some have the roles in special forces and operations units. Do you know which military has the first all-female spec-ops unit in the world? Well, it is Norway. They are known as a “hunter troop”. Desertion also happens in every military. The Afghan Army experienced a huge surge in desertion wherein 4,000 military men are deserting every month. Click this link 簽證 on how to easily process your. Another fact is that there are many nuclear weapons all over the world.