7th BG Historical Foundation’s Goal

This organization was formed with a meaningful purpose. During World War II, the members of the 7th Bombardment Group devoted their life to serve the cause for their nation. Joining the military is a very heavy yet great decision. Only those who are brave enough to face death at any time can join. From this bombardment group, there were too many different tasks given to each person according to their ability or skills. Some are pilots, Squadron Commanders, Group Commanders, medics, flight engineers, and Chaplains.

During the war, many members of the group were scattered. Some were found in Middle East, China, and also in India. But though they were scattered, they had a more stable existence after being converted to the B-24 Liberator. After becoming stable, they began the operation once again. As the 7th Bombardment Group Historical Foundation was formed, the former radio operators, supply sergeants, armament men, welders, cooks, mechanics, First Sergeants, bomb sight specialists, and so on who survived during the war also joined the organization.

As there was a certain fellowship that occurred among the members during the war and in India, it has survived and became more stronger with age through the years. Though at first, there were small group meetings, the number continually increases as the former members of the group search out for their buddies who were scattered in many different areas around the world. The goal of this foundation is to search continually for the former members of the 7th Bombardment Group through old rosters and names from military records centers.