Stories from 1942 Bombing Mission

There was a record about the surviving members from the February 8, 1942 bombing mission. The relatives and family members of those who worked and served during the World War II are gathering information even on the internet hoping that they can hear some news. Some of them even made a memorial on the internet. Under the 7th Bomb Group/Wing Army Air Force, there were missing members from the different Bomb Squadron and served in Burma, India-Burma, and China. The family of those who served  during WWII want to see their photos.

Those who survived during their mission are all known to be heroes. And their family, friends, and relatives are very proud of them. Some members of the 7th Bomb Group worked as an airplane and engine mechanic. Some of them worked in one of the Bomb Squadron located in Hawaii, Australia, and India. The family members of the 1942 bombing mission are also longing to at least see pictures and find some information of their loved ones who served during the World War II.

Some of them served as navigators, pilots and as co-pilots, intelligence personnel, crew chiefs, aircraft inspectors, clerks, truck drivers, and more. All of those who served during the World War II especially in the 1942 bombing mission are all being remembered by their own family, friends, and relatives and even their neighbors. Though some of them seem to have a low position having a simple task during the mission, they are still regarded as great and brave. Without them, the commanders and sergeants couldn’t gain success on their mission.